Evans man owns 1805 edition

Alan Williams isn't sure what was so special about Oct. 26, 1805, but a copy of that day's Augusta Chronicle has been part of his life for 70 years.


"My grandfather was an art dealer who had a print shop," the Evans man said. "He probably found it and framed it."

Beneath the masthead, the news of the day included deaths, crime and advertisements.

"The front looks like it's mostly local," he said. "The back has news from other places, even Europe."

The ads that day included a note from John McKenney, announcing an upcoming sale of horses, cattle, sheep, kitchen items, furniture and "other articles too tedious to mention." A newly licensed attorney, Charles Goodwin, announced his practice would expand to Barnwell and Allendale.

There was also an account of invaders who entered a "Beach Island" man's farm and "beat him wickedly" before setting fire to his crops and barns. A reward of $200 was offered for their capture.

Ads included the offer of Rappee Snuff, sold -- wholesale -- at the Chronicle offices for 62 1/2 cents per pound. The product was manufactured in Augusta and was of the "highest quality."

News from afar included accounts of battles and wars, and the arrival and departure of ships from places such as Boston and Charleston, S.C. In Europe, there was an account from Paris of homage to the pope; and news that a patent had been issued in London for "bilious pills" that heralded a cure for ailments affecting the liver.