Rants and Raves

THIS IS A RANT about Aiken County EMS. They took the ambulance out of the Beech Island, Silver Bluff and Jackson areas and moved it to the south side of Aiken. Now the closest ambulance to help these residents is either from Langley or Aiken. I guess, in the county's eyes, lives are more important in the city of Aiken.


I WANTED TO thank the woman who was at the North Augusta Wal-Mart recently. I don't know your name, but you were about the fourth person behind me and I was the one in the pink jacket with my two sons. Thank you for everything. You were such a blessing!

IF I WAS THE COACH of the University of South Carolina Aiken men's basketball team, I would be embarrassed to put the guys on the floor. Basketball, like any other sport, is supposed to have sportsmanship at the top of its priorities. USC Aiken's lack thereof was rampant, from Dollard punching the padding underneath the goal after a missed shot to another player snatching a ball forcefully from an Augusta State University player who was trying to hand him the ball. It was sad to watch. I think the refs should curb this "street ball" behavior, but they were inept as usual. If nothing else, I expect the coaches to require players to act accordingly because it reflects on their school, but when I consider that USC Aiken is getting players from other schools that dumped them for stupid behavior, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It would be nice if schools would look at talent after character instead of playing kids who embarrass themselves and the sport.

I WANT TO GIVE a big rant out to the article on Jan. 12 concerning Greg Ryberg saying that all the people overweight or obese should pay $25 more per month on their insurance. Well, some people have genetic problems, and some people have thyroid problems. Who's going to make the decision on what person, and how? Mr. Ryberg should pay more attention to his gas prices. He has five stations, I believe, in North Augusta, and all of them have a different price. I will never forget back a few months ago when he had the highest gas anywhere.

I WOULD LIKE to send a big rave out to Joshua C. Gordon, a fourth-grader in North Augusta, for his letter to the president. Good job. Stay sweet.

WHY DO SO MANY people buy a certain cat or dog when so many cats and dogs are put to sleep every year and they need homes?

I'M CALLING BECAUSE I need to see wheether there's anybody out there who can give me some help or advice. I've been watching gas prices go up, medical costs go up, SCE&G just went up, water goes up, Comcast cable keeps going up. I'm 48 years old and I live with my 80-year-old mother, who's on a fixed income. I'm on disability. Food costs are going up. When you're on a fixed income, what are you supposed to do? You have only a certain amount of money. Something has got to give. Sometimes I just want to sit down and just cry. I just don't know what we're going to do from month to month. Can anybody out there help me?