Five Questions

Sheri Clemons is the community relations coordinator for the city of Aiken, and one of her responsibilities is to book speakers for Aiken Speaks Up.


1. What is Aiken Speaks Up?

"The city of Aiken Speakers Bureau is an outreach program that educates students, teachers, civic and private groups and community partners about the city of Aiken's services programs, resources, facilities and careers."

2. How does the community benefit from the program?

"The community gets an inside look at the city of Aiken and learns more about the city services, staff and the local government. The programs are conducted by city professionals with the use of presentations ... and brochures about the topic are often provided."

3. How much does it cost to book a speaker?

"There is no cost for the presentations. And requests should be made about four weeks in advance."

4. How did the concept for the speakers bureau come about?

"The speakers bureau was developed in 1998 as a way to strengthen communication skills about local government and also to receive feedback from the Aiken community."

5. Which city departments are involved in the program ?

"Every department at the city of Aiken is a participant in the program in order to deliver information about city administration, employee relations, neighborhood and development services, the Character First program, city solicitor, finance, public works department, parks, recreation and tourism and planning."

To request a speaker, e-mail Ms. Clemons at