Corddry makes fun of medical dramas

Doctors and their personal dramas long have been a TV staple. Now the sex-and-stethescopes genre is the target of Rob Corddry's satirical skills.


Childrens' Hospital is a series of 10 five-minute episodes available on, the defunct Warner Bros. TV network brought back as a Web site. Episodes are also available for purchase on iTunes, and further expansion on the Web (including YouTube) is planned.

"I have no hard feelings toward the medical dramas -- no soft feelings, either," Mr. Corddry, a former correspondent on Comedy Central's The Daily Show , said in a recent interview. "St. Elsewhere was one of my favorite shows growing up. A lot of Childrens' Hospital comes from that -- it being such a strange world."

Mr. Corddry, who wrote and directed the series, plays a Patch Adams -like doctor-clown meant to cheer up patients. There are plenty of allusions to House, ER and St. Elsewhere , too, but no show is parodied quite like Grey's Anatomy .

"Grey's Anatomy is probably one of the most insane shows ever shot," Mr. Corddry said. "I don't know how they get away with what they get away with. It's so preposterous. I definitely love making fun of Grey's Anatomy to my wife, who loves the show."

In one scene, for example, one character's inner monologue is narrated while she strolls down a hospital hallway. She's joined by another character with their own inner monologue going, creating a momentary cacophony of self-reflection.

For the series, Mr. Corddry drew on his many comedian friends. Making appearances or contributing voice-overs: Megan Mullally, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms, Stephen Colbert, Michael Cera and Rob's brother Nate Corddry. Lake Bell and Ken Marino are among the regulars, and Eva Longoria Parker makes a cameo.

David Wain (whose own Web series Wainy Days is also excellent) is an executive producer.

Mr. Corddry has received some interest in making Childrens' Hospital for TV but thinks it would lose steam in a 22-minute format. Instead, he's toying with a different format to make it more viable for television. He's also working on a pilot for another series for HBO.

His entry to the Web, though, is not a one-off project. Mr. Corddry is planning a second season of Childrens' Hospital and is prepping a Web series with his brother, aptly called The Corddry Brothers .