Rants and raves

I SEE THAT CYNTHIA McKinney is in the news again. I'm glad she's not from South Carolina.


RAVE TO MR. ARTIS at Walgreens in North Augusta. You are always pleasant and very helpful. Thank you.

THIS IS A MEMBER of St. John's Church calling about the way (the Rev. Rob) Hartley has expressed himself. Hartley does not have much Christianity in his heart if he comes in after being a priest for a few years and tears the church all to pieces which has been there for 60 years or more. If he believed in prayer, he would have prayed over the gay problem and asked God to be the judge to get the people out of there and not to pass the laws. Undoubtedly, he doesn't believe too much in God, and not being able to tell his own bishop what he thinks in leaving the church and tearing it up without taking that into consideration.

A RAVE FOR the Rev. Rob Hartley and his congregation, whose conscience and dedication to the word of God and traditional beliefs of the Episcopal Church have stood fast against those who follow current social trends. They embody the spirit of our Founding Fathers, who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to establish our country. God bless them.

THIS IS A RANT for all those that would call Clarks Hill Lake or Clarks Hill Reservoir, Lake Thurmond. If you want to honor the man, there are several small ponds in Edgefield.

THIS IS A RANT. You have not run any kind of information regarding the elections in North Augusta. Residents need to know when they can file to run against Mayor Lark Jones and all the city council members to stop this exorbitant spending of our tax dollars.

THIS IS A RAVE for the nice gentleman at Lowe's in North Augusta on New Year's Day at about 5 in the afternoon. He saw that my husband and I had bought a heavy article and stopped to ask us if we needed help. He was such a nice gentleman and we just want to tell him how much we appreciated it, and Happy New Year.

RAVE TO WALGREENS North Augusta photo manager, Jimmy. Thanks for the awesome customer service. A real pleasure to do business with, and we will be back.