Police bookings

These are bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for Nov. 10-15. Those charged are innocent until proved guilty.


Nov. 10

Leah Elizabeth Jones , 24, careless driving, possession of controlled substance

Drew Lynne Grossman , 28, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana

Christopher Gregory Redd , 38, failure to appear and pay

Tony Anthony Johnson , 41, five counts of fraudulent check

Antquian Rontrail Coleman , 20, probation violation, disorderly conduct

John Tavares Butler , 32, criminal domestic violence

Michael Dock Lambert , 56, driving under the influence

Dena Elaine Williams , 37, possession of methamphetamine, manufacturing methamphetamine

John Richard Johnson , 27, failure to give proper turn signal, no vehicle license, manufacturing methamphetamine

Amos Knight , 51, failure to appear and pay

Roberto Ortego Cervantes , 27, no driver's license, expired vehicle license

Clayton Dale Young , 32, malicious injury to personal property, simple assault and battery

Jan. 11

Mark Edward Martin , 17, providing false information

Veronica Lyn Kirby , 29, transporting a child out of state

Devante Rashad Moody , 18, giving false information to public safety officer, simple assault

Levi Martin Bryant , 34, open container of beer, driving under suspension more than the first, assault and battery common law, criminal domestic violence, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature

Kenneth Johnson Fox , 47, use of vehicle without consent, driving under the influence, gross intoxication/disorderly conduct

John Adam Salley , 59, disorderly conduct

Larry Donnell Bing , 39, failure to appear and pay

Tequian Makel Holley , 17, failure to comply, disorderly conduct

Michael Burton Fulmer , 37, breach of trust with fraudulent intent, driving under suspension

Laquan Supreme Holston , 17, failure to comply, disorderly conduct

Laura Alice Varney-Green , 43, failure to comply, trespassing

Tanya Lynn Bragg , 31, shoplifting

Christopher Lee Moore , 24, trespassing, using another's driver's license

Robert Edward Johnson , 30, assault and battery

Michael Brandon Russell , 23, disregarding stop sign

George Christopher Gonzalez , 21, speeding, driving under suspension

Cody Ryan Novak , 20, shoplifting

Mark Andrew Black , 20, shoplifting

Nov. 12

Shannon Michael Parker , 29, failure to appear and pay

Kenneth Lee Rogers , 43, liquor law violation, driving under the influence, driving under suspension

Dennis Keith Williams , 42, possession of crack cocaine, no vehicle license

Jimmie Lee Finklin , 64, two counts of failure to appear and pay

David George Smith , 48, driving under the influence

Lance Gerard Tyler , 23, malicious injury to real property, simple assault and battery

Mohammad Happas Salahedin , 25, speeding, violation of order of protection, unlawful possession of a firearm

Jeremiah Zane Nelson , 32, seat belt violation, driving under suspension, open container

Jimmie Johnson , 55, disorderly conduct, drinking beer in public

Megan Jewel Lutz , 22, accessory to a felony, assault and battery

Arthur Lee Mack Jr. , 24, driving under suspension

Zella Marie Hicks , 40, contempt of family court

Alison Elizabeth Thomas , 28, two counts of contempt of family court

Jessica Ann Herron , 30, contempt of family court

Chad Joseph Randall , 29, second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor

Jason Ronell Boyd , 31, two counts of failure to appear

Booker T. Latangle Floyd , 31, disorderly conduct

Janice Blair Loggins , 67, criminal domestic violence

Dana Edward Brown , 50, assault and battery

Earl Wilmont Graham , 41, assault and battery

Vidal Estrada , 37, open container, felony driving under the influence

Nov. 13

Nicholas Lamont Caleb , 19, failure to appear, driving under suspension

Jimmy Bartholamule Ohara , 24, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under suspension, open container

Marvin Devon Spears , 31, simple possession of marijuana, failure to appear, possession of drug paraphernalia

Cherie Lawanda Smith , 38, issuing fraudulent check

Jerome Roger Moore , 29, possession of cocaine

Allen Christopher Tufano , 34, two counts of assault with intent to kill, malicious injury to personal property

Joseph Michael Dicks , 17, malicious injury to real property

Troy Lee Mathis , 34, two counts of failure to appear

Larry Rodriquez Turner , 30, forgery

Christopher Ray Courcy , 17, simple larceny

Matthew Steven Collins , 19, simple larceny

Wallace Lowman , 52, probation violation, trespassing

James Allen Fields Jr. , 19, simple larceny

Lewis Fransisco Rico , 17, interference with operator

Canyon Lake Robinson , 17, shoplifting

Catherine Arlene Porter , 43, shoplifting

Nov. 14

Raphael Lei Robertson , 26, three counts of probation violation

Marcus Dewayne Davis , 28, probation violation

Bobby Mealing , 49, failure to appear

Harold Michael Moseley , 59, five counts of distribution of controlled substance

Sharon Denise Turner , 45, two counts of criminal domestic violence, no vehicle license, driving under suspension, operating/allowing operation of uninsured vehicle

James Clinton Abraham , 27, driving under suspension

Lafonza Key , 38, criminal domestic violence

Ryan Patrick Reed , 17, disorderly conduct

Quinn Depree Simpkins , 19, petit larceny, criminal domestic violence

Joe Louis Green Jr. , 56, failure to appear, no seat belt, driving under the influence, failure to pay, driving under suspension

Christopher Emerson Glenn , 36, criminal domestic violence

Melissa Seeders Anderson , 34, breach of trust, financial transaction card fraud

Swiss Tyrone Council , 18, malicious injury to real property

Billy Ray Chapman , 25, pointing and presenting

Robert William Kinney , 49, assault and battery, disorderly conduct

Isaha Latrell Porter , 23, disorderly conduct

Rodrick Deantwon Collins , 25, criminal domestic violence

Steven James Murray , 21, unlawful use of telephone

Cynthia Susan Darr , 49, criminal domestic violence

Jose Cruz Dominguez , 41, simple possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct

Allison Monique Harley , 21, driving under suspension, no child restraint, giving false information, child restraint, no seat belt, driving too fast for conditions

Angelina Pollard , 48, two counts of failure to comply, three counts of trespassing

Nov. 15

Kristie Michelle Scott , 34, fraudulent check

Kyle Mitchell Padgett , 21, unlawful possession of controlled substance, public drunk