Five questions with Lt. Tim Pearson

Lt. Tim Pearson, of North Augusta Public Safety, is the coordinator for the 2nd Judicial Circuit Law Enforcement Network.


1. What is the Law Enforcement Network?

"The Law Enforcement Network is a comprehensive program that pools highway-safety advocate resources throughout South Carolina. These networks are set up by judicial circuit, with 16 circuits in the state. The 2nd Judicial Circuit Law Enforcement Network (includes) Aiken, Barnwell and Bamberg counties. ... We also coordinate educational, public awareness and enforcement efforts."

2. What is the network's goal?

"To reduce traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities."

3. How does the network benefit the community?

"As agencies pool their resources, they are able to accomplish more. Examples include conducting multi-agency checkpoints where many departments could not perform for lack of manpower. Some officers and agencies have specialties."

4. How have you seen the network make a difference in the area?

"When you can bring 30 to 40 officers from across the area to saturate a high traffic-collision corridor, motorists take notice. We have extended our efforts across the state line with our partners in Georgia, conducting state-line checkpoints, holding press events and educating the public about the dangers on our highways."

5. How many agencies in the area make up the network for the 2nd Judicial Circuit?

"We have 15 in our circuit. These agencies are the Aiken County Sheriff's Office, Aiken Department of Public Safety, Bamberg Police Department, Burnettown Police Department, Denmark Police Department, Jackson Police Department, New Ellenton Police Department, North Augusta Department of Public Safety, Olar Police Department, Perry Police Department, Salley Police Department, South Carolina Highway Patrol, South Carolina State Transport Police, Wagener Police Department and Williston Police Department."