Children are a blessing, and a responsibility

By Cheryl H. Poole


As the holiday season approaches with the shopping sprees and the usual hustle and bustle, you might want to stop and say thank you for the most precious gift of all: your children. Here is a little something that might help get you started.

Dear Lord,

Thank you.

Thank you for the blessing of children. Thank you for permitting me to experience the pain and joy of rearing a child.

Thank you for allowing me to see what you create through love and prayer, additions to mankind forged in your image with souls of angels, sent to remind us of innocence lost and unconditional love.

Thank you for the memories of first steps, sweet smiles and finger grasps. Thank you for bumps, bruises and boo-boos. Thank you for the first day of school, the first bus ride and the first sleep over. Thank you for the first-day jitters, the goodbye cries and crumpled tissues.

Thank you for cut-out hearts, I love yous and blown kisses. Thank you for fingerprints on the wall, cookie crumbs and juice stains. Thank you for baseball hits, talent shows and honor rolls.

Thank you for scraped knees, stitches and shots. Thank you for tears of joy and tears of sorrow.

Thank you for trusting me to be a protector of body, mind and soul of these most valuable gifts and a giver of guidance in not just earthly matters but in those of a heavenly disposition as well.

Thank you for being all of those things to me so that as your child I may walk as a beacon of light for not only my children but also all those on this Earth who I come in contact with by your grace.

But most of all, thank you, dear Lord, for allowing me to be guardian of your most precious gift and my most precious possession. Thank you for my children.

Your humble servant,

A parent

Cheryl Poole is an Aiken County mother and teacher.