Carolina rants and raves

I WOULD LIKE to rant the driver of the white Cadillac with South Carolina plates. Please go home and throw your trash in your own yard in your own neighborhood. I saw you litter. I was driving behind you on Barton Chapel Road in south Augusta when you threw your drink cup out of your car. And by the way, I have your entire tag number, and will be reporting you.


THIS IS A RAVE for the Veterans Day celebration at SRS. The Marine Corps Band provided musical entertainment and site employees paused to reflect on the contributions and sacrifices of our nation's heroes. Thank you to DOE and to Wackenhut for organizing this tribute. The media missed out by not covering this one.

A BIG RAVE to all the people who stopped by to ask if I needed any help after my Friday night accident on Martintown (Road).

I WOULD LIKE to thank the election staff at North Augusta High School for the voting process there on election day. It was organized very efficiently, with a friendly atmosphere. It was great!

JUST WANT TO say thank you to the work crews that I have seen over the past few weeks working in Calhoun Park (intersection of Georgia Avenue and Carolina Avenue). It looks beautiful and will be admired by the locals and well as visitors to our beautiful city. Thank you for all of your effort and hard work. It is noticed.

AN 8-YEAR-OLD kills his father and a friend. What a promotion for gun legislation. Get with it, you idiots promoting gun laws.

THE OLD KROGER store in North Augusta would be a great place to bring a new Fat Man's store. I sure do miss the store off Laney-Walker.

PEOPLE NOT wanting to see your rear ends with filthy underwear has nothing to do with racism. I am a black female and do not want to see your behind. It's a silly fashion statement, especially since you have to hold up the pants when you are trying to work (oh, I mean walk), because more than likely no one will hire you. You will not see a decent man walking around with their pants hanging down. Grow up.

RANT FOR NORTH Augusta Urgent Care Center. Why call yourself Urgent Care if patients can be seen by appointment only? Do you know the meaning of the word urgent?

WHY WAS THE lame duck North Augusta police chief allowed to stay on the job after he submitted his resignation following inappropriate e-mails, and now why is he allowed to conduct a punishment vendetta against members of the police department? It is time he was relieved of his duties by the mayor, or is the mayor condoning these activities?

YOU WANT TO see a waste of government money, you ought to see how many patrol cars Wackenhut Security has on the roads at SRS. They have more police cars per capita than North Augusta Public Safety.