These are bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for Sept. 30-Oct. 4. Those charged are innocent until proved guilty.


Sept. 30

Michael Jaswade Cummings Jr. , 30, hit and run

Jordan Walter Howard , 18, disorderly conduct

John Callie Redd , 27, disorderly conduct

Terry Jamar Pixley , 19, possession of drug paraphernalia, trespassing

Zachary Neal Ford , 19, simple possession of marijuana

William Holmes Johnson Jr. , 50, failure to pay, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute

Kenneth L. Buck , 37, open container, giving false information to police

William Jones , 46, no driver's license, operating uninsured vehicle, speeding, no vehicle tag, improper vehicle tag

Shalace Latesh McLeod , 19, shoplifting

Timothy James Johnson , 34, failure to appear and pay, giving false information to public safety officer, failure to appear and pay, two counts of shoplifting

Anderson Hightower III , 53, distributing crack cocaine

Walter Garvin , 31, criminal domestic violence

Glenn Richard Holton II , 28, disorderly conduct, operating uninsured vehicle

Oct. 1

Darryl McArthur Greene , 35, driving under suspension, operating uninsured vehicle, failure to comply

Shonda Vaneesa Hatcher , 33, seat belt violation, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under suspension

Amy Godfrey Cook , 50, failure to inoculate animals, failure to restrain animal

Trisha Lynn Bonnett , 35, driving under suspension, no proof of insurance, two counts of failure to appear and pay

Eddie Callie Drummings , 46, possession of stolen goods

Leonard Raiford , 44, disorderly conduct

Justin Leonardo Mayfield , 21, failure to return rental property

Richard Blocker Jr. , 28, loud music from vehicle, driving under suspension

Morgan Peterson Allen , 20, speeding, driving under suspension

Diego Valdez-Mateo , 37, driving under suspension, no vehicle license

Tanya Lynn Bragg , 31, shoplifting less than $1,000

Michael Lynn Bryant , 51, criminal domestic violence

Chester Jameson Parker Jr. , 24, two counts of failure to appear, possession of drug paraphernalia

Oct. 2

Charles Simpkins Jr. , 40, two counts of distribution of crack cocaine

Kevin Maurice Benjamin , 28, failure to appear

Monty Steven Boatwright Jr. , 39, failure to appear, criminal domestic violence

Dolphis Cratic , 61, shoplifting

Elizabeth Ann Knight , 21, criminal domestic violence

Videl Addy Jr. , 41, driving under the influence, no driver's license, failure to display

Yolanda Tyler , 42, disorderly conduct

Travis Martez Jones , 18, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature

Richard Tyrone Burton , 21, probation violation

Oct. 3

Brent Owen Bennett , 36, two counts of fraudulent check

Thomas Mark Chambers , 23, two counts of failure to appear

Donald Daffey Paige , 55, open container of beer

Johnny Prescott , 40, driving under suspension, fraudulent check, disregarding traffic signal, operating uninsured vehicle

Isaha Latrell Porter , 22, destruction of city property, disorderly conduct

Michael Ellsworth Wible , 43, seat belt violation, simple possession, drug paraphernalia

Angela Marie Lawson , 33, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana, seat belt violation

Kenneth Jerome Williamson , 27, driving under the influence, driving under suspension

Charles Wade Miller , 47, failure to appear and pay, driving under suspension

Tanika Shante Lane , 21, driving under suspension

Kelly Levon Woodward , 36, disorderly conduct

Travis Kendall Sims , 28, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, malicious damage to personal property

Humberto Vazquez Vazquez , 20, no South Carolina driver's license, no seat belt

Arturo Vazquez Vazquez , 29, no seat belt, open container

Benjamin Warren Evans , 23, disorderly conduct, simple possession of marijuana

Melissa Jeanne Sawyer , 28, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct

Oct. 4

Amber Nicole Anderson , 17, shoplifting

Chance Magnum Graham , 20, gross intoxication/disorderly conduct, minor in possession of beer

Johnnie Cordell Thurmond , 27, distributing crack cocaine

Gerald Lee Boings , 31, disorderly conduct

Anthony Ray Tanton , 40, driving under the influence

Ora Louise Clark , 33, fraudulent check

Daniel Goodwin , 37, simple possession of marijuana, malicious injury to personal property

Rodney Maurice Craig , 48, driving under suspension

Michael Elvin Cox , 46, criminal domestic violence

Eric Andre Stevens , 24, disorderly conduct, shoplifting

Walter Garvin , 31, disorderly conduct

Natalio Maurilio Santiago , 20, no driver's license, driving under the influence

Wiley Hardy Jr. , 36, open container, driving under the influence, driving under suspension

Horace Pixley Jr. , 35, simple possession of marijuana

Angelo McCain , 41, shoplifting

Charles Allen Martin , 20, failure to appear, driving under suspension

Ellen Printup Cook , 41, criminal domestic violence

Carolyn Williams Spann , 52, failure to register motor vehicle

Brandon Lamar Johnson , 20, criminal domestic violence

Felton Duran Williams , 39, trespassing

Megan Colbi McClendon , 22, criminal domestic violence

Jarrett Duane Dandridge , 21, assault and battery

David Latrell Barefield , 24, giving false information to police

Brian Joseph Granger , 19, trespassing, simple possession of marijuana

Ben Gary Atkinson , 59, driving under the influence, open container