Detention Center Bookings

These are bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for Aug. 30 through Sept. 5. Those charged are innocent until proved guilty.


Aug. 30

Brenda Shane Walls , 18, two counts of first-degree burglary, two counts of second-degree arson

Jeffrey Mark Pinkard , 45, driving under the influence

Jeremiah Blue Springer , 31, gross intoxication

Craig Alan Williams , 39, petit larceny

Aug. 31

Cynthia Sunshine Robinson , 26, simple larceny, driving under suspension

Gerado Sanchez , 20, no South Carolina driver's license

Guy Sterling Lancaster , 31, driving under suspension

Gerardo Guerrero Torres , 28, criminal domestic violence

Julio-Cesar Mendoza Rosas , 24, no South Carolina driver's license, driving under the influence

Maggie Sherrell Quiller , 33, criminal domestic violence

Benjamin Heath , 21, disorderly conduct, public drunk

Erik Kenneth Jenkins , 21, disorderly conduct, public drunk

Mauricio Nunez Sanchez , 24, disorderly conduct

Deborah Ann Maye Wooden , 48, malicious injury to real property less than $1,000, malicious injury to personal property less than $1,000, disorderly conduct, assault common law

James Weatherby Green , 36, assault and battery, kidnapping

Ricky Dean New , 43, forgery, first-degree burglary

Swiss Tyrone Council , 18, strong-arm robbery

Francisco Leon Olvera , 32, driving under suspension, driving under the influence, violation of temporary tag, operating uninsured vehicle, no seat belt

Sept. 1

Steven Troy Payton , 19, first-degree burglary, grand larceny

Samuel David Missinne , 19, expired vehicle license, driving under the influence

Shantea Garcia , 33, possession of drug paraphernalia

William Henry Dyches Jr. , 40, malicious injury to real property, assault and battery

Humberto Reyes Lopez , 24, improper tag, no South Carolina driver's license, operating uninsured vehicle

Andreas Ignatius Hightower , 33, assault and battery

Bobby Lee McCullough , 45, armed robbery, possession of a knife during the commission of a violent crime

William Steven Jordan , 38, shoplifting

Hana Julee Yi , 30, shoplifting

Sean William Fletcher , 18, driving under suspension

Justin Alan Tucker , 20, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia

Ricky Lee Galloway , 25, assault and battery

Jonathan Russell Herndon , 21, open container, giving false information to law enforcement, simple possession of marijuana, driving under suspension

Sept. 2

Brandon Wayne Bowden , 18, disorderly conduct

Kenneth Edward Parker Jr. , 33, hit and run with property damage, driving under suspension

Kerry Lavert Hamilton , 20, unlawful carrying of pistol

Travis Lee Barton , 31, disorderly conduct, no proof of insurance

Joseph Lee Smith , 23, criminal domestic violence

Jeffery Wayne Overstreet , 47, driving under suspension, driving under the influence

Barbara Jean Fuewell , 54, disorderly conduct

Gil Carmona Ubaldo , 27, failure to display vehicle license, no South Carolina driver's license, speeding, driving under suspension

Cecil OBrian Dudley , 25, providing false information to public safety officer, driving under suspension

Kerry Forrest Foreman , 32, criminal domestic violence

Alexander Madison , 46, simple possession of marijuana

Samuel Madison , 52, simple possession of marijuana

David Wayne Todack , 41, criminal domestic violence

Fredrick Ditanga Curry , 34, no proof of insurance, open container, driving under the influence

Cassiopia Starr Rhoads , 17, shoplifting

Sept. 3

Hardee Morgan Daniel , 44, criminal domestic violence

James Joseph Colombo , 68, disorderly conduct

Stephanie Richardson Garrett , 29, two counts of failure to appear and pay

Frank James Muns Jr. , 25, possession of drug paraphernalia

Jennifer Marie Bennett , 19, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana, driving under the influence

Brandie Lynn Carlan , 26, criminal domestic violence

Sabrina Renee Oakman , 21, operating uninsured vehicle, driving under suspension, violation of child restraint

William Calvin Jefferson , 26, two counts of failure to appear and pay

Gary Lee Hasley Jr. , 22, forgery

Susan Elizabeth Weber , 33, possession of marijuana

Martha Frances Jackson , 57, financial transaction card fraud

Ronnie Terrell Tanner , 31, failure to appear and pay

Jemared Demarion Axen , 22, shoplifting

Alphonso J. Blocker Jr. , 26, reckless driving, giving false information to public safety officer, driving under suspension

Joshua Mark Holliday , 26, obtaining drugs by fraud

Uriel Hernandez Lucio , 23, no driver's license, speeding

Sept. 4

Brian Michael Hilliard , 25, simple possession of marijuana, driving under suspension, driving under the influence

Ivan Jerome Hughes , 22, failure to appear

Ronald Lee Duplisea Jr. , 44, fraudulent check

Johnnie Richardson , 66, disorderly conduct

Lindsey Nicole Quattlebaum , 21, criminal domestic violence

Nathaniel Tavinici Mack , 27, simple possession of marijuana

Adam Lannon Owensby , 20, driving under the influence

Whitney Nicole Simmons , 20, grand larceny

William Raiford Fowler , 38, criminal domestic violence, assault and battery common law

Grady Fulmer Jr. , 71, two counts of fraudulent check

Terri Gibson Mitchell , 33, disorderly conduct

Dekayla Aundreal Carter , 17, failure to appear in family court

Davon Robert Gilchrist , 17, simple possession of marijuana

John Robert Corley Jr. , 43, fraudulent check, driving under suspension

Patricia Ann Daniels , 42, six counts of fraudulent check, kidnapping

John William Cade Jr. , 39, failure to appear and pay

Jamarcus Emanuel Murray , 26, armed robbery

Charles C. Jackson , 65, malicious injury to personal property, disorderly conduct

Sept. 5

James Martin Robinson , 48, disorderly conduct, brown bagging

Angle Castaneda Carillo , 17, shoplifting

Courtney Tanai Foreman , 26, following too closely, no driver's license

Bernard Anthony Shields , 47, speeding, driving under suspension, seat belt violation

Allison Devorah Gordon , 23, disorderly conduct

Gregory Alan Ames Jr. , 28, driving under the influence, driving under suspension, unsafe tires, giving false information to law enforcement

Dewell Lloyd Williams , 40, criminal domestic violence

Saniqua Garrett , 24, burglary

Maravaries Antonio Lakes , 26, simple possession of marijuana, criminal domestic violence

Michael James Rice , 25, assault and battery common law

Vicki Ann Tanner , 53, financial identity fraud

Betsy Ann Bragg , 27, criminal domestic violence, driving under suspension, hindering officers of warrant