Detention Center Bookings

These are the bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for June 18-26. Those charged are innocent until proved guilty.


June 18

Quindolyn Markita Hilton , 24, unlawful conduct

Dennis James Fannings , 48, disorderly conduct, littering

Brian Colby Foster , 43, public drunk, unlawful entry to enclosed space, malicious injury to real property

Zachary Adam Grice , 21, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature

Jibril Asim Johnson , 34, kidnapping, assault and battery with intent to kill

Richard Cox , 44, driving under suspension

Rufort Perry Brown , 44, criminal domestic violence

Clorey Lazaar Johnson , 37, crimes against federally chartered or insured financial institution

Tyris Toray Johnson , 39, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature

Lance Edward Howard , 28, no proof of insurance, violation of seat belt law, driving under suspension, failure to surrender driver's license

Jeremiah Abercrombie , 33, failure to appear and pay

Ricker Alan Ahrens , 53, littering

Kiesha Latrell McCoy , 22, shoplifting

Patricia Holmes , 42, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature

James Lamar Bates Jr. , 43, driving under the influence, driving under suspension

Gregory Daniel Young , 44, public consumption, public drunk

Mark Steven Sloan , 51, assault and battery, public disorderly

June 19

Joshua Alan Draughan , 25, two counts of driving under suspension

Clarence Lewis Brewer , 48, public drunk, public consumption

Maggie Ellen Leaphart , 23, driving under the influence, open container

Leonard Michael Taylor , 39, driving under the influence, simple possession of marijuana, open container

Johnny Sergio Coates , 45, possession of crack cocaine, open container

Travis Billy Proctor , 37, failure to give proper signal, disorderly conduct

Anthony Claude Seigler , 45, driving under the influence, open container

James Aquilla Snipes , 32, driving under suspension, operating uninsured vehicle

Dewey Canada Shugart , 50, no proof of insurance, driving under the influence

Ricky Lavern Anderson , 28, distribution of Ecstasy, driving under suspension

Paula Elaine Gathers , 46, driving under suspension, no vehicle license

Michael Steven Thibodeau , 42, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, kidnapping

Samuel Roland Burkentine Jr. , 25, simple possession, drug paraphernalia, operating uninsured vehicle, driving under suspension

Shannon Anitra Kirkland , 33, driving under the influence, failure to stop for blue lights, failure to change address

Charlie Gene Wenner , 25, speeding, failure to surrender driver's license, driving under suspension

Danny Maurice Smith , 42, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature

Robert Andrew Johnson , 28, two counts of fraudulent check

Patty Michelle White , 36, criminal domestic violence

James Aric Greiger , 40, criminal domestic violence

Stephen Cary Vorderstrasse , 44, shoplifting

June 20

David James Novak , 38, disorderly conduct

Donald Ray Sawyer Jr. , 41, two counts of forgery

Joyce Marie Todd , 25, operating uninsured vehicle, disorderly conduct, allowing unlicensed driver to drive

Mario Ray Rowe , 38, driving under the influence

Sarah Jane Clark , 42, driving under suspension

Hillery Kay Sharpe , 23, possession of cocaine, driving under the influence

Amber Nichole Nelepovitz , 21, disorderly conduct

Danielle Rae Renfrow , 25, disorderly conduct

Rod Landy , 27, failure to appear and pay in family court

Frank Tucker , 58, shoplifting

Carl Jarriod Smith , 22, driving under suspension

Cynthia Judeth Wilmore , 26, 10 counts of bank fraud, crimes against federally chartered or insured financial institution

Darren Steffon Jones , 19, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature

Donnie Anthony Garry , 26, crimes against federally chartered or insured financial institution, two counts of probation violation, two counts of bank fraud

June 21

Donna McNiel Burke , 38, breach of trust greater than $5,000

Kenneth James Lang , 28, failure to register vehicle, no driver's license

Ronald Gerald Turner , 60, failure to appear

Oscar Lopez , 33, solicitation of a prostitute, no South Carolina driver's license

Rafeal Nanez Santos , 36, simple possession of marijuana, solicitation of a prostitute, driving under suspension, failure to appear

Wesley Dean Mikell , 34, solicitation of a prostitute, simple possession of marijuana

Elvis Lamont Brister , 30, solicitation of a prostitute

Sherman Raymond Carpenter , 39, solicitation of a prostitute

Donald William Moore , 45, driving too fast for conditions, seat belt law violation, driving under suspension, operating uninsured vehicle, failure to surrender driver's license

Nathaniel Levell Stukes , 26, disorderly conduct, criminal domestic violence

Willie Edward Crafton II , 23, malicious injury to personal property

Linda Anchi Centeno-Cabrera , 36, driving under the influence

Brian Keith Vickers , 38, disorderly conduct

Vernon Kennedy Jones Jr. , 43, disorderly conduct

Donnell Nathaniel Baskett , 25, disorderly conduct

Mary Sherlock , 47, no flag on projecting load, driving under suspension

Jeremiah Maurice Dillard , 29, driving under suspension

Michael Basil Bushee , 53, driving under suspension, possession of suspended driver's license, possession of drug paraphernalia

Dianah Elizabeth Thibault , 43, transporting legal liquor unlawfully, driving under the influence

Dustin Michael Nance , 19, six counts of breaking into auto

Gary Richard Tolle , 18, six counts of breaking into auto, simple larceny, possession of stolen vehicle

Richard Wray Toole , 46, simple possession of marijuana

June 22

David Leo Robinson , 39, driving under the influence

Walter Edwin Powell , 63, assault and battery, malicious injury to personal property

Fredrick Datanga Curry , 34, driving under the influence, no proof of insurance

John Richard Tager Jr. , 41, seat belt violation

Curtis Dean Harrison , 42, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature

Ozzie Roberts Jr. , 43, criminal domestic violence

June 23

Joseph Murray Seigler , 57, criminal domestic violence

Michael Anthony McKinney , 47, disorderly conduct

Jonathan Lee White , 25, criminal domestic violence

Jasper Beaureguard Holley , 24, probation violation

Mandrell Adams , 23, illegal transport of liquor

Trelon Vishinski James , 28, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, simple possession of marijuana, providing false information to public safety officer

Donald James Prescott Jr ., 24, petit larceny

Adam Curtis Hobbs , 17, assault and battery common law

Jacob Thomas Raines , 21, assault and battery common law

Johnnie Michael Wideman , 41, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, shoplifting, giving false information to public safety officer

Waylon Albert Loren , 23, petit larceny

Rose Mary Cobb , 47, three counts of probation violation

Gilbert Tim O'Neal , 52, abandoned vehicle

Whitney Renae Ballinger , 24, operating uninsured vehicle, false license plate

June 24

Michael David Sullivan , 32, criminal domestic violence

Stephen Tyler Allen , 20, disorderly conduct

Edith Geneva Riley , 40, assault

Larry Tremayne Burley , 33, no South Carolina driver's license, unlawfully carrying pistol

Darrell Bowie , 22, disorderly conduct, possession of cocaine, failure to comply

Karen Rochelle Lee , 41, disorderly conduct/gross intoxicatoin

Clyde Daron Smith , 22, forgery

Bernard Middleton , 39, no driver's license

Deborah Ann Louden , 43, fraudulent checks more than $5,000

Inthia Leigh Birchfield , 37, two counts of grand larceny

Summer Nicole Livak , 21, drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana

John Myers , 43, headlights required, driving too fast for conditions, operating uninsured vehicle

Marvin Morgan Jr. , 27, simple possession of marijuana

Brittany Nicole Parks , 20, probation violation

Charles Damien Samuels , 24, violating probate court order

Maurice Lamont Council , 17, disorderly conduct

Darry Jackson Redding , 25, carrying concealed weapon, burglary, two counts of violating probate court order, providing false information, grand larceny greater than $1,000 and less than $5,000

Christopher Sean McMahon , 38, loitering, no business license

Council Tyrone Swiss , 18, malicious injury to personal property, unlawful carrying of a firearm

June 25

Franklin Charles Pope , 46, possession of drug paraphernalia, assault and battery

Hastings Quevon Moore , 31, simple possession of marijuana, speeding

Jimmy Ray Boyd , 33, possession of cocaine

Barbara Jean Fuewell , 53, two counts of disorderly conduct, simple assault and battery

Mildred Cheatham , 45, giving false information to police, two counts of failure to appear and pay, possession of drug paraphernalia

Nichole Marie Smith , 27, public drunk

Norris Lenyell Bradley Jr. , 32, failure to comply

Grabriel Charles Adasme , 17, simple assault

Steven Ray Jackson , 17, two counts of assault and battery

Delma Pearson Reames, 48, financial identity fraud, financial transaction card fraud, financial transaction card forgery

Maurice Lorenzo Culbreath , 22, providing false information to public safety officer

Melissa Jean Sheppard , 27, shoplifting

Daniel Christopher Wirsu , 22, simple possession of marijuana, no driver's license, speeding, possession of drug paraphernalia

Timothy Devine Murphy , 25, trafficking cocaine base

Albert Howard Jr. , 61, seat belt violation, no South Carolina driver's license

Johnny Edward Flowers Jr. , 33, trafficking cocaine base

Walter Garvin , 31, driving under the influence, resisting arrest, public disorderly conduct

Telesforo Santiago Pascual , 27, trafficking cocaine, no South Carolina driver's license

Donald Keith McKenney , 50, shoplifting less than $1,000

John Mills Lee , 45, simple assault

Sharelle Marie Jones , 22, failure to appear and pay

Paul Edward Green , 34, failure to pay

Jeremy Wynn Daniel , 24, failure to register, possession of cocaine

Darrell Shaye Wilson , 37, failure to pay, driving under suspension

Clarkie Demarcus Hall , 20, failure to appear and pay

Ramon Coronel , 37, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature

Amanda Nicole Scoggins , 18, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, false information

Jermaine Javon Green , 24, criminal domestic violence

Juan Aelnandez Hernandez , 22, trafficking cocaine

Jesse Lee Edminster , 24, second-degree burglary, unlawful use of telephone, malicious damage to animal or property, grand larceny greater than $5,000

June 26

Crystal Kay Lariscey , 30, speeding

Ben Lewis III , use of vehicle without permission, simple possession of marijuana, driving under the influence, failure to appear

Perry Lee Felder , 22, disorderly conduct

Michelle Denise Buff , 20, grand larceny greater than $5,000, second-degree burglary

Randall Gene Manor , 27, three counts of grand larceny, two counts of second-degree burglary

Clayton Marshall Manor , 23, second-degree burglary, grand larceny greater than $5,000

Nicole Elizabeth Wicker , 29, fraudulent check, assault and battery

Jose Miguel Dehara Perez , 23, disorderly conduct/gross intoxication, open container

Justino Santos Ortiz , 23, giving false information

Ronnie Miles Turner Jr. , 38, speeding, driving under suspension, child restraint violation

Eddie Dean Willard , 39, disorderly conduct

Melissa Ann Roberson , 27, probation violation

Samuel Michael Floyd , 50, shoplifting

Kimberly Waters Leonluna, 35, no vehicle license, operating uninsured vehicle

Ryan Andrew Price , 28, possession of stolen vehicle

Brian Joseph Granger , 19, first-degree burglary, grand larceny more than the first

Kimberly Latrice Richardson , 29, operating uninsured vehicle, illegal transport of legal liquor, violation of beginner's permit

Christopher Ray Ferron , 28, driving under the influence