Carolina rants and raves

INTERESTING ARTICLE about Aiken's desirability as a town to live in. Alas, it works only for somebody with millions to blow on a house.


THIS IS A RANT for the teenagers who ruined the Midland Valley yearbook. They should be put in jail for even mentioning the words "burn the school." These particular kids have always gotten their way in the school system. Lock them up!

I GOT A RANT for Shane Massey and the residents in Senate District 25. How do we continue to be fooled by his little-boy looks? Shane hasn't done anything to help the poor in Senate District 25 or for the state. Massey's position on cigarette taxes and payday lending companies has nothing to do with fiscal responsibility. I will be supporting the Democrats this year.

AIKEN NUKE RESPONSE: The vice president worked for Halliburton, not Bechtel: Maybe get your story straight before ranting.

THIS IS A RAVE for the job Wackenhut is doing at SRS. Their capabilities and professionalism were validated last week at the Department of Energy's national security competition. The SRS Wackenhut team captured first place in the event, beating teams from DOE facilities all over the country. It's good to know that SRS security is in great hands.

CONGRATULATIONS TO Wackenhut for winning the Veterans of Foreign Awards Employer of the Year national award. The company was recognized for their support of military veterans in hiring and promotion practices. Great job, Wackenhut, and thanks for your commitment to our military heroes.

THANK YOU, WACKENHUT, for your generous donation to the Wheelin' Sportsmen hunt at the Savannah River Site. This event provides the opportunity for physically challenged individuals to do something they might not otherwise be able to do. Your support is much appreciated.