Rants and raves

COUNTIES -- AIKEN IN this case -- are trying to raise more taxes by charging builders "impact fees." If a builder builds a house and pays to have the water, sewer, etc., piped to the public pipes and pays to have them connected, why should he then be charged extra as an "impact fee?" It's just another tax that will end up being paid by the people, the only place tax money can come from.


IF MY WIFE were found murdered, estranged or not, I would do everything in my power to find the killer of the mother of my children. I call out to the residents of Aiken to boycott Wilson Smith and Twin Dragons in Aiken until he mans up to help authorities solve this heinous crime.

A RAVE FOR doctors and staffers at Veterinary Health Care in North Augusta for their kindness and thoughtfulness concerning the loss of our family pet of 16 years. Thank you, Donna Prentice.

THIS IS A RAVE for No. 77, the home plate umpire at the Angels game in North Augusta on Wednesday night. He proved he was there for the kids. What a job well done, with lots of patience and kindness to the kids.

Congratulations to Irmo High's Eddie Walker for leaving his job rather than abet the acceptance of a "gay-straight" club. Interesting, too, that a professor of "education," Patricia First, says Mr. Walker is "professionally, ethically and religiously ... wrong." Ms. First says religious beliefs "must be left at home." Somebody please tell this woman that if you believe in something strongly, as in God, you don't forget your beliefs when you go to school. Alas, this sounds just like the kind of nonsense spewed by departments of "education," where they teach all about "teaching" -- presumably, but don't seem to teach any actual subjects -- readin', writin' and 'rithmetic.

NO QUESTION that Sen. Lindsey Graham is an ambitious boy. He seems to be ready to ally with anybody to get his picture on TV. Not a good sign.

I THINK IT'S terrible that the athletic director at North Augusta High School allowed players of their basketball team to become ineligible for their senior seasons because of a Clemson recruiting trip. I wonder if being a Clemson graduate swayed his judgment!

WHILE IN THE Aiken County government building recently to pay taxes, I was frightened by a man having a wild, profanity-laden fit. Silly me for being scared. This was a county employee, and the county administrator assures me they made him pay for the door he kicked in! How was this lunatic not only not arrested but also still employed by my county?