Five questions with David Whatley

David Whatley is the secretary for the Aiken County Chess Club.


1. When did the Aiken County Chess Club form?

It's been in existence now for about nine months.

2. Why was the club formed?

The club was formed basically because there were several (chess) enthusiasts in the area. And there hadn't really been an active club in the Aiken area for a good while. So we decided to get together.

3. How often, and where, do the members meet to play chess?

Every other Saturday at the Stoplight Deli in Aiken. Currently, there are about 25 members, and that comprises all age levels from 12 up to the other side of 65.

4. What are the requirements for joining the club?

Just an interest in chess. There are no membership fees.

5. What is the Lee Hyder Memorial Tournament, which is being held by the Aiken County Chess Club and is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, April 27, at the Hotel Aiken?

It's actually memorializing Dr. Lee Hyder, who was instrumental for chess in the 1960s and '70s in South Carolina. He had served at one time with the U.S. Chess Federation. He was responsible for bringing a real important chess game to the Aiken-Augusta area.