Carolina rants and raves

THANK YOU, CITY OF North Augusta and developers of the Charles Martin Village there. As you cross the bridge, the first some see of North Augusta is those awful condos that couldn't even pass the reduced-price auction test. Do we really have to have all those banners on these coming into North Augusta?


How cool was that during Masters to drive across the bridge into North Augusta and the first thing you get to show a prospective client or visitor is a banner that puts the point out there that vacancy is rampant in North Augusta?

No one wants to live or work in a city where empty buildings are sitting, especially those in a prominent location. Surely these banners are breaking some type of code besides just the tacky code.

THE SETTLEMENT money that Avondale got from the railroads should be given to the employees it laid off. That would be the right thing to do.

I JUST READ IN THE newspaper where food prices were not going to come down any, so I guess gasoline is already the price of a gallon of milk. I guess we all have to pinch the pocketbook a little tighter.

MY RANT IS about turn signals. I don't even know why they put turn signals on cars because nobody in this area knows how to use them. You're supposed to use them before you are turning left, turning right, changing lanes, getting onto the interstate and getting off the interstate. I just do not understand why turn signals are not used.

I'D LIKE TO know why the weather you got in the paper on is so much different from the weather on the Weather Channel these days. Seven or eight degrees different.

WHO ELSE FINDS it amusing that KFC uses Sweet Home Alabama as background music in their ads, and the allergy specialists on the radio use You Better Shop Around ?

THE TOTALLY TACKY commercial for "natural male enhancement" that seems to be shown nightly during David Letterman on WRDW was, mercifully, not shown during Masters Week. It was back again on Monday night!

I THINK IT IS GREAT that South Carolina is making it illegal for teens to talk on cell phones while driving, but what about adults? Adults also can be distracted.

I hate riding with people while they are talking on a cell phone ... nothing is so important that you can't wait until you pull over.