Carolina rants and raves

I NOTICED AT my kid's class in North Augusta that they have a group of kids called the gifted and talented students. I just wonder what they call the kids that aren't.


I HAVE BEEN keeping a close eye on this Graniteville train wreck business. I see where the lawsuit was won by Avondale Mill. But I would be curious, with all these lawsuits why the workers that were responsible were never sued or at minimum why there was never no charges filed? Just curious.

IT WAS SO REFRESHING to hear Elizabeth Edwards, as a guest on Good Morning America, expounding the virtues and the necessity of universal health coverage. Socialized medicine and the socialistic government that goes along with it have not worked at any time in the history of mankind. The can-do attitude that we Americans can prove history wrong is quite uplifting.

WESTINGHOUSE MANAGERS didn't fund the retirement program at SRS several years ago to the tune of $50 million. When the plan needed funding later, people were laid off to make up for the shortfall. Where did the money go?

A RAVE FOR veterinarian Dr. Glenn Screen and his staff for their generosity and compassion in helping me save a starving, abandoned kitten.

IF EVOLUTION IS true, then why do we have to cut our fingernails? Animals don't.

WHERE IN ANY constitution is the authority for government to rule on how much a person can weigh?

THIS IS FOR all your friends who come to see you and say they haven't seen you in a long time. I think these people are more or less freeloaders. They show up, they eat your food, they destroy your house, they sit around and wait for you to offer them money for them to leave. And then when they're gone, you never hear from 'em again. Some of you people who do this kind of thing to your so-called friends, y'all need to realize that some people work for a living and maybe you should get out and get a job and stop being such a freeloader.

OUR LEADERS IN Washington have tons and tons of education and intelligence, but I truly believe all combined have less than one pound of common sense.