Carolina rants and raves

WANT SOME CLARITY? Then don't look for it at the confusion with the Aiken bomb plant, now called something or other. There is a Savannah River Alliance, a Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, a Savannah River Site, a Washington Savannah River Co. The alliance was apparently invented to create a bid for the river company. And don't forget, the Washington Group International owns the Washington Savannah River Co. Whew! Now it's all straight.


I SAW ON THE front page of Friday's Metro section where middle school students in South Carolina were showing off how they have been indoctrinated into believing the fallacious, man-made causes for global warming. If the exhaust from my Explorer and F-250 are causing global warming, then what is making the average temperature on Mercury, Mars and Venus go up?

THIS IS A RANT to the person who thinks he/she is so "in" with God to know what is and isn't OK with us buying before a certain time on Sunday in North Augusta. Get off your high horse.

DOES ANYONE FIND it ironic that less than a week after his birthday celebration, Martin Luther King rolled over in his grave because his country blemished his dream? During the South Carolina Democratic primary, a man was judged not by the quality of his character, but by the color of his skin.

A RAVE TO JASON and the crew at the North Augusta Jiffy Lube. Their prompt, courteous and professional services are appreciated. Using the marquee is a great way to advertise services and make consumers know that there are still reasonable prices for car care like headlight replacements that don't cost $40, as charged by a competitor. It's great to know that service can sometimes be free, especially during what looks like might soon become a financial depression.

I HAVE A RANT to Aiken County: The trash along (Highway) 278 in Beech Island and along Storm Branch Road makes our streets look like the landfill. I realize it is the residents who couldn't care less and throw their trash out the car windows, but some of these roads are first impressions one sees when visiting our community. We pay taxes and would like our community streets clean. Put up "fine" signs; I never see those anymore.

"FAMILY Y MAKES move into Aiken." What's a "Family Y?" "It's going to have ... some programs that are unique to the Family Y." Will it have any programs about Christianity? That's what the so-called Family Y started out as, the Young Man's Christian Association.