In our community

MEET: Volunteers deliver meals Monday through Friday from 10:15 to 11:45 a.m. Volunteers may come in any time and sign up for a shift that fits their schedule. Volunteer program coordinator Judy Parker Keit said volunteers go through a short orientation before starting a route.

MEMBERSHIP: Anyone may volunteer.

"We need to make sure they have a driver's license and that this is someone willing to do this and wouldn't endanger any of our clients," she said. The council has 150 volunteers for 21 meal routes, but volunteers are needed in North Augusta, Wagener and Gloverville.

MISSION: The mission of the Aiken Area Council on Aging is to provide health, wellness, nutrition, transportation, social and other services that enhance quality of life, independence and dignity and aid the critical- and acute-care needs of the community.

QUOTE: "It's a very rewarding experience. Here is an opportunity for you to come out of that circle of your friends and your families and see how the rest of the county has a need. Volunteers have come back and said they are touched by the people they deliver to. It gives them an opportunity to do something positive and make a difference in the community," Ms. Parker Keit said.