Carolina rants and raves

NEW AIKEN COUNTY school Superintendent (Elizabeth) Everitt will "evaluate ... how teachers decide whether a paper is worth an A." Either a teacher knows how to evaluate a student's paper or she doesn't. And if she doesn't, why did she get hired in the first place?


THE TRAFFIC IN Aiken wouldn't be so bad if everyone would stop driving around with their turn blinkers on.

A RANT TO THE members of North Augusta City Council. Thanks for the approval to build the townhouses off Five Notch Road. Clearing off the beautiful land has ruined the property of homeowners along Five Notch Road and in Coventry Subdivision. Five Notch Road already has too much traffic and soon it will become a hazard to drive on. Thanks to you, a lot of the homeowners have decided to move from where they have lived for over 20 years. There are entirely too many of these units being built in North Augusta. Thanks for ruining our beautiful town and lowering our property values.

I'M SENDING A huge rave to the Lica-Dee-Split ice cream parlor/video store in Bath. If you like old-fashioned ice cream favorites like ice cream sodas, milk shakes, banana splits and much more, this is the place. I found this well kept secret by accident, but I'm glad I did. Everything is served with a big smile, too. A huge, hand-painted sign of Betty Boop will welcome you.

THE SOFTER SIDE of Hillary? Concern for children? Why doesn't she have tears for the 1 million-plus abortions each year?

THIS IS A RANT for minorities who claim they would support a qualified black candidate. Well, Barack Obama is living proof they won't. None of the so-called leaders has endorsed him. Instead, they have belittled him and tried to bring his chances down.

MORE PROOF THE U.S. is sinking fast: Pet owners leaving money in their wills to animals. How pathetically absurd can people get? Worse, states are passing laws abetting such absurdity. "Pet retirement homes" have opened. Places where pets can exercise in different areas; where they can "lounge." Places where pets can get massages, "while classical music plays all day.'' Dogs adorned in dresses and gem-studded collars. Even televisions for dogs. These poor people are sick, and people take them seriously.

IT'S AMAZING how dorky idiotic Michael Jordan looks sporting his stupid earring. Why does a 10-foot zillionaire "hero" need such an ego boost? To bolster his confidence?

HEADLINE: "PUSH for democracy is (Bush) trip's central focus." What a bloody lie! Even President Bush is not stupid enough to believe that Muslim governments will ever become free or democratic. Thus, Mr. Bush has some ulterior motive in his expensive and dangerous trip to the Arab countries.