Athlete Spotlight: Kyle Zercher

Charmain Z. Brackett/Correspondent

Joey Martin can't wait to see the basketball player Kyle Zercher will become.


"He's never been real confident about how he plays. When he does do his best and tries his hardest, he is an amazing athlete," said Martin, the coach of the Victory Christian School Viking basketball team.

Only a sophomore, the 6-1 Zercher is already showing signs that he can become a well-rounded player.

"He is a threat," said Martin.

Zercher started playing organized basketball in the sixth grade, but he played pickup games with friends long before that.

"I was tall, and it was the sport to play if you were tall," said Zercher, a forward.

He is not the team's leading scorer -- that honor goes to Jack Keener -- but his worth as a player goes beyond his scoring ability, said his coach. He has been averaging about nine rebounds a game.

Opponents have to decide who they'd rather double-team -- Zercher or Keener -- and that leaves openings for the other player to exploit, their coach said.

"If they only had to worry about Jack Keener, they could shut the team down,'' Martin said.

Zercher said he has felt more comfortable on the basketball court this season as he has been learning more about the game.

"It's been going great," he said.

Zercher played on the Vikings' soccer team last fall. The team finished third in the South Carolina Independent School Association's state tournament in October.

Zercher said he enjoys basketball, but "I have more fun in soccer.

"The game, the guys, our coach. The team is awesome, and the coach makes it fun," he said.

Martin also coaches the soccer team.

Zercher is a member of Victory Baptist Church and is involved with youth activities there.

He plans to attend college and would like to go into law enforcement or join the military.

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