For the record

These are the bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for Sept. 26 to Oct. 1. Those arrested are innocent until proved guilty:


Sept. 26

Miranda Lynn Barton, 18, assault and battery

Brandon Donnell Jackson, 19, simple possession of marijuana more than the first offense, pointing and presenting a firearm

Donald Lee Holcomb Jr., 39, disorderly conduct

Curtis Edward Rowlett II, 52, unlawful alcohol concentration, open container

Roxy Ann Wooley, 46, driving under the influence

Cleveland Everette Hair Sr., 64, criminal domestic violence

John Demarcus Dent, 33, shoplifting

Ernest Bo Buff IV, 28, reckless driving, driving under suspension

Kathy Lynn Asmer, 44, possession of drug paraphernalia

Sept. 28

Joseph Blake Jones, 17, simple possession of marijuana, no driver's license in possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts of possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute

Terry Washington, 41, open container, discharging firearm

Thomas Aurthur Svenningsen, 27, speeding, driving under suspension

William Ernest, Barnes, 58, driving under suspension

Frederick Cullum, 29, simple possession of marijuana, no proof of insurance

Scott Miles, 50, probation violation

Ivan Junior Jay Jr., 26, simple possession of marijuana

Kelvin Ruthers Gomillion, 41, two counts of fraudulent check

Carol Jean Eidson, 44, possession of drug paraphernalia

Reggie Bones Rodriquez, 25, disorderly conduct

Steven Gerald Beckering, 26, disorderly conduct

Christopher Reed Carter, 25, driving under suspension, improper display of tag, operating uninsured vehicle, unlawful communication

William Henry Blake Jr., 20, assault and battery common law

Ashley Nicole Wilson, 21, simple possession of marijuana

Bobby Spires, 38, criminal domestic violence

Andrea Denise Simpkins, 37, probation violation

Kasha Marie Eubanks, 22, probation violation

Alex Dennis Jr., 38, criminal domestic violence, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia

Blake Andrew Slater, 19, failure to appear, allowing unlicensed driver to operate vehicle

Wesley Duane Turner, 19, criminal domestic violence

Carl William Causey, 47, disorderly conduct

Howard Robert Black, 43, failure to appear and pay

Sept. 29

Stacy Dawn Thompson, 43, open container

Jamie Tray Robinson, 32, shoplifting

Kenny Jackson, 25, fraudulent check less than $500, minor in possession of beer

Robert Christopher Brighthop, 38, failure to pay as ordered

Nelson Herman Washington, 41, failure to pay child support

Bernard Scott Gymer Jr., 32, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature

Steven Eric Hill, 26, pedestrian on highway

Kenya Latrice Jones, 24, criminal domestic violence

Melissa Dawn Alexander, 36, disorderly conduct, mutual criminal domestic violence

Mark Alan Alexander, 40, mutual criminal domestic violence

Jimmie Johnson, 54, gross intoxication, disorderly conduct, trespassing, brown bagging

Pamela Snyder Turner, 44, disorderly conduct

Barry Lee Hall, 45, gross intoxication

Joel Allen Barwick, 31, driving under the influence

William Elwood Glass Jr., armed robbery

Gary Gene Weston, 24, open container, driving under the influence

Joseph Anthony Rosario, 42, driving under suspension

Sept. 30

Tyrone Antwan Smith, 23, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature

Lonnie Williams, 53, assault and battery

Abana Marie Sharkey, 46, simple possession of marijuana

Robert Fitzgerald Smith, 43, two counts of lewd act upon a minor

Mark Wayne Wiles, 43, shoplifting, disorderly conduct, transferring alcohol to minor

Brenda Lee Watters, 38, disorderly conduct, shoplifting, assault and battery

Charles Harris Winburn III, 42, criminal domestic violence

Oct. 1

Vince Kipling Riley, 49, possession of controlled substance, shoplifting

Jessie Delores Bryant, 47, disorderly conduct

Rodney Tyrone Gantt, 49, possession of cocaine

Wallace Raiford, 49, assault and battery

Krystal Mueller, 20, criminal domestic violence

Karis Annelle Brackett, 50, operating uninsured vehicle, fraudulent check less than $500, seat belt violation, driving under suspension, possession of stolen tag

Gary Travaughn Jackson, 18, assault and battery

Michael Marquise Harley, 22, simple larceny, malicious injury to personal property greater than $1,000, malicious injury to personal property

James Clark Harrell, 28, driving under the influence, violation of liquor law