Five questions with Lisa Saul

Lisa Saul is the owner of Toning Techniques Spa and Wellness Center, 1428 Richland Ave., Aiken. The business opened Oct. 3.


1. What are toning tables?

Toning tables offer a new method of exercising without exhaustion. These tables combine the principles of physical and isometric exercises without adding muscle strain or fatigue. You just lie back, relax and work with the tables as they isolate and exercise each of your major muscle groups.

2. How often should someone use the tables to see results?

Two or three visits per week are recommended.

3. How soon would the person see these results?

Most people will realize an inch loss after only a few sessions. But, like other exercise programs, the best results are achieved with regular use over an extended period of time.

4. Are there people who should not use the tables?

This form of exercise is good for everyone, including the elderly or handicapped. The natural movement of the toning tables gently increases the flexibility of stiff muscles and arthritic joints, as well as firming and toning without strain or fatigue.

5. Since the individual is lying there, how is the body being toned up?

The high repetition movements of the toning tables will tone and firm. Your muscles are not only healthier but more taut and compact.