Carolina rants and raves

TO THE EMPLOYEE who complained about the North Augusta directors hiring a handicapped person: If you worked half as hard as the handicapped person works, you wouldn't have time to sit around and complain about what other people do.

And as far as I know, this employee does not have to be baby-sat. He does what he is supposed to do.

A RANT TO THE PERSON who put the comment in the paper Sunday about the handicapped person working at the North Augusta Center. I work out at the North Augusta Center, and this so-called handicapped person meets the patrons every morning with a big smile and a good morning. And I have never seen him take any breaks. He's always working hard.

If the full-time workers who think that they have to take care of him would only do their jobs then they wouldn't have time to watch what he's doing.

RANTS TO THE Hixon and Massey campaigns for state senator. Automated phone calls galore from them both. At least a dozen or more cards in the mail wanting my vote. They must take South Carolinians to be idiots. Ask me once or twice and then move on.