Aiken center's courses for home-schooled pupils expands to reach a younger group

Michelle Guffey/Staff
Cathy Rumble, the program manager at the Aiken Center for the Arts, shows some projects completed in art classes attended by home-schooled kids.

The Aiken Center for the Arts is helping parents who home-school their children develop an appreciation for art.


Last year, the center began offering art classes each Tuesday for home-schooled children 5 and older.

"We thought it was an area that parents could use some help in," said Cathy Rumble, the center's program manager. "We know that a lot of home-schoolers go outside their individual home for certain classes, and we have great teachers."

When the classes began last year, they were offered only to pupils 9 or older, but the success of the program prompted the center to offer a class for younger children.

"We do (the two classes) at the same time, and we think that helps parents," Ms. Rumble said.

The classes meet from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Tuesdays for four weeks.

"All of my teachers have degrees in art ... and a lot of them are working artists," Ms. Rumble said.

Ms. Rumble said grades aren't issued, but last year the center had a home-school art show to showcase the children's work.

"Each kid was allowed to pick one or two of their pieces from the year, and we hung them in the gallery like we would do with other art shows," she said. "They got to come to their own opening."

The class also provides an opportunity for social interaction for the children.

"I think it's good to get them out and get them around other people and get them into classroom situations where they're use to dealing with a teacher who is not from their immediate family," Ms. Rumble said.

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