Carolina rants and raves

AM I THE ONLY PERSON that feels sorry for David Mark Hill? What a shame Social Services could not have worked out a solution for him to keep his children. If Social Services took my babies, I don't know what I would do. However, I know I would not kill. I do understand justice has to be served because killing not only hurt his children more but hurt so many more people, including himself ... so sad.


MY RAVE IS FOR the nurse at Aiken Regional Medical Centers who was so nice when my son was burned on the hand and the emergency department had me and my child waiting in the ER instead of taking him back to give him something for pain. She stepped in and got my son (to the treatment area) even though the doctors questioned her about bringing my son back - and he had third-degree burns. She told me she had a child and she could understand how I felt. As a mother, thanks for the concern you showed me and my child.

I LIVED IN NORTH Augusta for six months and loved it. I worked for the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. I just want to say hello to Lt. Howard, if he hasn't retired already. - From a former deputy now living in California.

REP. JIM CLYBURN wants to provide millions of dollars of your tax money to help the folks in Alabama and Mississippi who got hit by the Katrina storm. That is not a legitimate function of the federal government. Clyburn is apparently working closely with the notorious socialist Nancy Pelosi. Is Mr. Clyburn a socialist in disguise? Watch your backs, South Carolina!

HOW CAN WE predict who will become a big-time criminal? One way is to watch the sports pages. Today's (paper) has (the Michael) Vick story. Sad how we pick our "heroes."

AIKEN, WAKE UP! Don't fall for the obvious. (GOP presidential candidate Rudy) Giuliani once welcomed illegal aliens, officially, into New York City, knowing at the time that it was illegal for them even to exist in the U.S. Now he claims he's turned 180 degrees. Trust him at your peril. If he becomes president, he'll be a traitor, just as George W. Bush is.