Rants and raves

IT DIDN'T TAKE LONG for the South Carolina Department of Transportation to ask for a sales tax increase on gas in light of the bridge disaster. SCDOT wastes too much money.


I THINK THE SEAT-BELT issue is bull. In South Carolina, you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet, but I have to wear a seat belt to drive a car. Let's get real here.

POLITICIANS IN SOUTH Carolina, such as Jim Clyburn say that the federal government is not turning socialist fast enough, so they are pushing South Carolina to get to that destructive finish line ahead of the feds. Frank Bowen says to those who oppose illegal immigration, "What disease do you want the guy who's pulling the plate you're going to be eating on out of the dishwasher to not be treated for?'' What a pathetic wiseguy! Maybe Mr. Bowen should move to Mexico. What's going to sink the U.S. - socialism or illegal aliens? Or both?

SAVANNAH RIVE SITE should be ashamed for using federal funds to sponsor anything for gays. Homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God, and every Christian should be up in arms. You don't see gay rights events held on any military post. Why should we taxpayers foot the bill for something like this on a federally funded installation like SRS?

If events like this continue to be held at SRS, I think the Department of Energy should end its funding and find a less liberal company to run SRS.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the Rant to Vic Radcliff, the head baseball coach for North Augusta High School. For your information, coach Radcliff was not in charge of the Augusta GreenJackets game where the North Augusta varsity was being recognized. He had nothing to do with contacting the players. A parent support board member was in charge, and furthermore, all players were either contacted or an attempt was made to get in touch with them. In addition, everyone was e-mailed who provided e-mail addresses.

It's sad that you have to hide behind a rant to express your feelings. Why can't you just come forward and identify yourself? Because it's petty. You're ranting like this only hurts the team as a whole. Get over it!

(U.S. SECRETARY OF Homeland Security Michael) Chertoff "lauds" (U.S. Sen. Lindsey) Graham, R-S.C. And since Mr. Graham clearly is working for Bush in tearing our Constitution to pieces on immigration - and what else that we've not heard about? - clearly Mr. Graham is in cahoots with Mr. Chertoff, too. None of those bums is to be trusted.