Carolina rants

A SEVERE RANT to the North Augusta post office. It's Thursday, Audubon Circle, 7 p.m. Do you know where my mail is? Stamps went up to 41 cents. Can you please get me my mail at a decent hour? Before 5 o'clock in the afternoon would be very nice. This is just too late. I don't understand what the holdup is.


HAS SOUTH CAROLINA noticed that Lindsey Graham spends all his working hours promoting himself on TV, so he can't possibly be doing anything that truly represents South Carolina?

RANTS TO THE AIKEN County garbage control on their drop-off station in Belvedere. People lined up with yard trimmings were turned away because one of the two containers for yard trimmings was full and the one for debris was full, so someone made the decision to turn the ones with yard debris away. Several trucks were turned away and told to go to Langley. I did, and they were filled up. Baloney! The ones with the debris should have been turned away.

THIS IS A RANT TO (coach) Vic Radcliff for not informing all of the North Augusta High School baseball team members to attend the event honoring them during the GreenJackets game. That's part of the reason you had less than half the team show up, because many did not know to attend.

THIS IS A RANT FOR the SRP Credit Union in North Augusta. I have been in twice to deposit a bag of coins. I was told on both occasions that they could not accept the bag because the coin machine was down. What ever happened to banking institutions that can actually count money?

I HAVE A RANT FOR North Augusta Public Safety. I wish they would follow the traffic rules they try so hard to enforce.

A GREAT RAVE TO THE city of Conway, S.C., for addressing dog walkers who allow their dogs to dump on other folks' lawns. A rant to all of you Richmond County dog walkers who allow your dogs to dump while you stand up and watch. Please have the decency and respect for other folks' property to pick up after your dogs. Ordinance or not, I will seek legal action against such violators.

SOUTH CAROLINA HAS a new title for the head of the highway department. The title changed from head of the DOT to transportation secretary. Wow! Sounds impressive for a guy who will do nothing different., but watch his pay rocket into outer space.