Five questions

Annette M. Drowlette/Staff

Peter Cottontail also goes by the name of Sabrina Gavin and can be found in Windsor. Because rabbits cannot speak, Peter's translator (and aunt), Holly Gavin, of Williston, answered the questions.


1. HOW MANY EGGS ARE YOU HIDING AROUND THE WORLD THIS YEAR? "Millions, millions." (Peter spreads both arms wide.)

2. WHAT ARE CHILDREN'S FAVORITE THINGS TO FIND IN THEIR EASTER BASKETS? "Food, candy, chocolate and eggs. In fact, they actually try to eat the decorative eggs." (Peter rubs his belly.)

3. HOW DO YOU KEEP ALL OF THOSE CHOCOLATE BUNNIES FROM MELTING? "Lots of ice. Santa helps us with storage. You know, it's his off-season. He's got plenty of ice at the North Pole, so he stores them for us." (Peter nods his head.)

4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE EASTER CUSTOM? "Pictures with the kids. Seeing them all dressed up." (Peter nods again.)

5. WHAT'S THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING PETER COTTONTAIL? "Loves to see the kids smile and make them happy. This bunny is just so good with them and makes them happy. One of the issues with him - for the kids that don't like him - is his size. But he'll sit down on the floor with them." (Peter uses his paws to draw a smile across his face.)