Aiken County bookings

These are the bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for Feb. 7-13. Suspects are innocent until proved guilty:


Feb. 7

David Letrell Barefield, 23, unlawful use of telephone

Thaddeus Sidney Burleson, 53, two counts of contempt of court

Samuel Thompson Collins, 29, failure to stop for blue lights

Lamontez Deshaun Council, 17, simple larceny, violation of beginners permit

Michael Anthony Davis, 42, criminal domestic violence

Alehand Jimenez-Hernadez, 24, speeding, no South Carolina driver's license

Robert Lee Kaney, 25, contempt of family court

Desiree Dawn King, 21, driving under the influence, no seat belt

Brenda Michelle Martin, 33, shoplifting less than $1,000

Katrina Yvette Mathis, 42, failure to appear and pay fine as ordered, two counts of forgery

Joenathan Odom, 32, driving under the influence, no seat belt, no driver's license in possession

Dawn Louise Smith, 41, criminal domestic violence

Ronnie Glenn Smith, 43, criminal domestic violence

James Cecil Spear Jr., 44, driving under suspension, no vehicle license, operating uninsured vehicle

Feb. 8

Steven Eric Hill, 25, criminal domestic violence

Alvin Carnell Abney, 49, possession of drug paraphernalia, two headlights required

Kathy June Bacon, 53, driving under suspension, harassment

Russell Dean Blackmon, 28, assault and battery with intent to kill

Anthony Joseph Cannon, 26, failure to pay as ordered, trespassing

Ronald Lee Ginyard, 27, criminal sexual conduct, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, lewd act on a minor

Willie Hayward Jr., 35, open container, no South Carolina driver's license

James Edward Henderson Jr., 47, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, failure to comply

Steven Eric Hill, 25, criminal domestic violence

Craig Anthony Kelley, 24, criminal domestic violence

Robert Ray Paschal Jr., 32, criminal domestic violence

Melissa Faye Sharp, 28, three counts of fraudulent check

Larry Edwards, 46, assault and battery

Stephen Reid Morgan, 47, driving under the influence

Reginald Fatai Singleton, 29, cruelty to children, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute

Joshua Estes Smiley, 21, simple possession of marijuana, no vehicle license, driving under the influence

Feb. 9

Darren Fowler, 41, driving under suspension

Sean Michael Gamble, 20, reckless driving

Dennis James Hall, 37, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana, driving under the influence, open container

Felinda Nichele Jennings, 34, three counts of forgery less than $5,000

Michael Leonard Johnson, 42, probation violation

David Phillips, 58, driving under suspension, speeding, failure to appear and pay

Chamel Minique Smith, 23, forgery

Michael Lee Warning, 39, disorderly conduct, malicious injury to personal property

Bridge Marie Davenport, 41, driving under the influence, driving under suspension

Edmond Lamar Jordan, 58, criminal domestic violence

Feb. 10

Dennis James Epperly, 45, driving with no headlight, driving under suspension, simple possession of marijuana

Damian Andre Green, 29, criminal domestic violence

Franklin Antonio Green, 39, criminal domestic violence

Shannon Ray Heath, 29, simple assault and battery

David Lynn Heath Jr., 31, driving under suspension, driving under the influence

Sarah Elisabeth Michael, 49, criminal domestic violence

Johnnie Lamar Campbell, 36, criminal domestic violence

James Robert Morgan, 26, two counts of breaking and entering auto

Kathy Lucretia Norris, 43, entering a dwelling house

Marquis Devon Perry, 24, assault and battery

Gregory Algie Randall, 44, false report

Rodrigo Rico-Lugo, 24, speeding, no South Carolina driver's license

John Thomas Scott, 54, driving under the influence

Shawn Douglas Wiles, 23, driving under suspension, speeding

Janay Diane Withers, 29, five counts of forgery

Carl Jeffery Pugh, 33, seat belt violation, open container, driving under suspension

Feb. 11

Chance Wayne Anderson, 42, criminal domestic violence

Ahmad Marquis Crafton, 20, possession of cocaine, minor in possession of beer

Edward James Denehy Jr., 54, driving under the influence, open container

Walter Danny Dunaway Jr., 27, two counts of false information to public safety officer

Kenneth Lee Estus, 29, driving under the influence, child endangerment

Jose Arturo Guerrero, 32, driving under the influence, no South Carolina driver's license, no proof of insurance, open container

Kenneth Franklin Hawkins Jr., 24, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature

Alvin Jermaine Johnson, 34, driving under suspension, wrong license plate, operating uninsured vehicle, failure to register

Telly Renard Johnson, 31, failure to comply, driving under suspension, careless driving

Jonathan Robert Jones, 23, three counts of assault and battery

Joshua Lee Jones, 25, assault and battery, disorderly conduct

Elizabeth Donyal Lafferman, 19, disorderly conduct

Robin Maurice Richardson, 26, probation violation

Cleveland Gene Scott, 45, criminal domestic violence

Sharon Denise Turner, 43, disorderly conduct, gross intoxication

Paul Wesley Wrightson, 21, expired vehicle license, failure to return rental property

Feb. 12

Corey Devon Bailey, 23, shoplifting

Teresa Jene Barger, 54, disorderly conduct

Kitrell Floyd Cartledge, 23, simple possession of marijuana, no vehicle tag light, open container

Kelli Michelle Cooper, 23, financial identity fraud

Richard Ray Freeman, 31, driving without lights, suspended tag, no insurance, driving under suspension

Kessler Laron Gunter, 34, two counts of failure to appear and pay fine as ordered

Jerry Allen King, 55, second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor

Morrell Dwight Maxwell, 55, five counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor

Martin Earl Mejia, 21, simple possession of marijuana

Bobby Eugene Oakman Jr., 39, failure to appear and pay as ordered

Diane Stokes, 49, malicious injury to personal property

Pamela Patrice Williams, 21, violation of child restraint, violation of beginners permit

Ronald Woodrow Williams, 24, fraudulent check less than $1,000

Zachman George Joseph, 46, perjury

Teresa Barger, 54, disorderly conduct

Craig Ellis Codd, 39, habitual offender, littering, reckless driving, driving under suspension, open container

Martin Earl Mejia, 21, simple possession of marijuana

Feb. 13

Arsenio Marquies Mealing, 24, possession of drug paraphernalia

Aldo Alexis Ortega, 29, false information to police, open container