Carolina rants and raves

I HAVE A RAVE and a rant for Al Sharpton. The rave is for the great job he did for the James Brown funeral. The rant is for having Dick Gregory step up on that stage. Mr. Gregory did not show any respect for Mr. Brown.


THIS IS A RANT to Jesse Jackson and Dick Gregory. Watching the services on TV, I noticed Mr. Jackson never had a facial expression, just the same old sour look he always wears.

But when Mr. Gregory came on stage and spoke about his civil rights hatred, Jesse's face lit up and he actually smiled and laughed. Anyone who laughed at Mr. Gregory's remarks still has hatred in their hearts.

THIS IS IN REGARDS to the rant abut the immigrants. What's the difference among Chinese, Korean, Indian or whatever immigrants and Mexicans? If they can come over here and we can help them, what's wrong with our helping the Mexican? They're people, and they bleed just like you and me. Everybody needs to lay off the Mexicans.

I SPENT SATURDAY afternoon enjoying the live coverage on the James Brown funeral. I rarely find myself in agreement with Al Sharpton and especially Jesse Jackson, but today I must congratulate them both for an outstanding job. They are very gifted speakers. They spoke of unity, which Mr. Brown would have been proud of.

It's a shame the program was tainted by Dick Gregory's Bob Hope comment. Yes, he is entitled to his opinion, but this was not the time or the place for such venomous hatred. My thoughts and prayers will be with the Brown family.

WHAT'S WRONG with hunting if you're eating the meat? What's wrong with showing people they can get their own food? It's not disgusting; it's life.

A BIG RAVE for The Chronicle for its coverage of the death of James Brown. It has been very thoughtful and poignant, and it has truly celebrated the life of a great man and entertainer who was always proud of his hometown.

THIS IS A RANT to the ignorant people that complain about the kids hunting with their fathers and bagging a deer. Have you forgotten that at one time long ago, there were no grocery stores, and if you didn't know how to hunt you would surely learn how to starve. Hunting helps cut down on today's high grocery bills, plus many deer go to feed the homeless.

The way things are going in the world, there may not be any other safe food source. I bet you would make friends with a hunter then.

THE BROWN FAMILY had better hire someone to watch Buddy Dallas. Why do you think he had James Brown's wife locked out of the house!

Is it just me, or is the eastern side of North Augusta looking a lot like Mexico?