Voices from the street

What road in Aiken County do you think is the most dangerous? What can be done to improve it?


"Belvedere-Clearwater Road - the curve. I wrecked there, and every time I go around it I get really nervous because people speed around that curve. It really is dangerous. I don't really think there are any signs showing there's a curve coming up." - Jessica Boland

"The worst road in Aiken County is Interstate 20, by far. I'm talking about from Martintown Road to the Georgia line. It seems like I-20 has an awful amount of wrecks. The area is growing so fast. Our police force is excellent but you can only do so much." - Dan Lee

"(U.S. Highway 1). It's always good for them to put signs in an area where people can see it before you get up on it - a sign that says reduced speed coming up, or something like that. That way, people can know to start slowing down." - Andrea Johnson

"(South Carolina Highway) 125. Traffic is just too fast. (There are) too many people going toward (Savannah River Site) at one time, fast. " - Lori Quiller

"(U.S. Highway) 278. I think they ought to convert it to a four lane because of the traffic, trucks and everything else using it." - Pete Hicks